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carbon trading
Carbon Trading
Quota handling through the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) more...

Your Business Carbon Footprint
See how your Business is affecting the planet!..more...
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Carbon Footprint Surveys
Have an in depth assessment of you Business Carbon Emissions. more...
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Energy Performance Certificates
More energy laws coming into force in 2008. more...

The criteria used for our Carbon Footprint Calculator are taken from the
 DEFRA Guideline on Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors and
The Carbon Trust Energy and Carbon Conversions

Your Company carbon footprint calculator..

We have used the conversion data issued by DEFRA but have tried to make it a simple but accurate calculator. All on one page and at the end you will have a good idea of your CO2 impact.

A Carbon Footprint Calculation is not an exact science. We try to make it as simple as possible to give you an idea but most companies will need a more in depth study so please follow this link for details of our semi online service.

Enter the number of persons in your business. Then enter the information in the boxes that 'apply to you' and your 'energy type' etc. Work down the page an click the 'Submit' button at the bottom. To recalculate press 'clear' and start again.

To calculate your flights, car or train transport separately, fill in the numbers of persons and then the relevant information and click Submit. It's as easy as that!

Number of persons
  Energy used per Year Unit Usage   Tonnes CO2
  Electricity in Kilowatt Hours (Kwh) Kilowatt Hours  
  Gas in Kilowatt Hours (Kwh) Kilowatt Hours
  Gas in Thermal Units (Btu) Therms
  Gas per Cubic Metres Cubic Metre
  Low Pressure Gas Kgs (LPG) Kilograms
  Heating Oil in Litres Litres
  Coal in Kgs   (1000kg = 1 tonne) Kilograms
  Wood in Kgs (1000kg = 1 tonne) Kilograms
Total Domestic Emissions     
Tonnes CO2
  Travel  Per Year Unit Usage   Tonnes CO2
  Car Miles per year  Info! Miles
  Train and or Bus Miles per year Miles
Total Car & Bus Travel Emissions     
Tonnes CO2
  Number of Return Flights   Info! Per Year      
  There and Back is one unit        
  Short Haul - Return Flights  
  Example - London to Paris, Edinburgh to London
  Medium Haul - Return Flights  
  Example - UK to Cairo, UK to Majorca
  Med to Long Haul - Return Flights
  Example - UK to South Africa, or Japan
  Long Haul - No. of Return Flights    
  Example - UK to New Zealand, or Australia      
Total Air Travel Emissions     
Tonnes CO2
 Total Carbon Dioxide CO2 Emissions  
 Total Carbon Dioxide Emissions per person            
What are Carbon Offsets?    Info!
 You can Offset some or all of your CO2 Emissions                 Tonnes CO2
 You can   Order Your Carbon Offsets Here  or just sponsor a tree!!
 Please click here to contact us for more in depth information.

For the latest information from Carbon Earth you can look at Carbon Earth

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